Civil cases

This information has been filed in civil division of Marion County District Court.

Crystal D. Blankley, et al., vs. Janice J. Schmidt, 1219 Alamo, Goessel, et al.; jury trial completed Oct. 12; jury found in favor of Schmidt on all questions; judgment made in favor of defendant; plaintiff to pay all costs.

Jenesa E. Klose vs. Daniel W. Winsky, 506 Hammond, Waverly, et al.; settlement agreement announced Nov. 8.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. vs. Charlene Descoteaux, 211 S. Commercial Ave., Sedgwick; order extinguishing redemption issued Nov. 6 in mortgage foreclosure; plaintiff was successful bidder at sheriff’s sale; plaintiff granted sheriff’s deed to Lots 713, 715, and 717, Main Street, Florence.


Cindy Sue Kimbrough vs. S. Daniel Gage; case transferred Oct. 9 to State of Washington.

Patricia Miller vs. Joseph M. Bauer; final protection from abuse order issued Nov. 5; valid through Nov. 5, 2013; plaintiff granted sole legal custody of child; defendant granted supervised parenting time.

Jacob S. Smith vs. Kristin Janelle Jean; parenting and cost-sharing agreement approved Nov. 5; parties will have joint legal custody of child and alternate residential custody on two-week intervals; no child support ordered.


Citibank N.A. vs. Wendy S. Steele, 673 Walnut St., Marion; defendant waives trial Oct. 22 and consents to judgment of $5,483.53 in favor of plaintiff; execution of judgment stayed as long as defendant makes monthly $50 payments until $3,000 paid.

Newton Healthcare Corporation vs. James L. Findley, 573 Old Mill Road, Peabody, et al.; dismissed Nov. 5.

Newton Healthcare Corporation vs. Nicole R. Hardey, 617 Abilene, Durham, et al.; dismissed Nov. 5.

Vogt’s Hometown Market vs. Richard Knauf, 109 N. Plum, Peabody; judgment of $755.76 made Oct. 23 in favor of plaintiff.

Vogt’s Hometown Market vs. Tammy R. Whiteside, 612 W. 4th St., Peabody; judgment of $637.12 made Oct. 22 in favor of plaintiff.

Small Claims

Jeff Diebold vs. Ben Temple, 115½ N. Walnut St., Peabody; judgment of $3,481.50 made Nov. 7 in favor of plaintiff.

Last modified Nov. 15, 2012