Criminal cases

This information was the most current on file in criminal division of Marion County District Court as of Oct. 11. Information often is not available until more than a week after hearings. Journal entries must be checked by the defense, prosecution, and judge before they are filed.

Justin L. Chrisjohn, 144 N. Roosevelt St., Marion; sentenced Sept. 17 to 60-day controlling jail term underlying 12 months probation for battery; forbidden from using drugs or alcohol; must submit to drug and alcohol testing, with each failed test resulting in 48 hours in jail; must complete drug and alcohol evaluation and follow recommendations; must pay $265 fees.

Anthony Alexander Ebaben, 2569 300th, Lincolnville; Kansas Supreme Court reversed acceptance of guilty plea July 20 and allowed to withdraw guilty plea to misdemeanor sexual battery on grounds that district court did not establish a factual basis for the guilty plea; case remanded to district court; case dismissed Sept. 12.

Michael G. Hemmer, 309 Kansas St., Lincolnville; first amended complaint filed Oct. 3, charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, endangering a child, transporting alcohol in an open container, and speeding (75 mph in 65 mph zone).

Benjamin E. Keough, 843 Holly Road, Peabody; pleaded no-contest Sept. 17 to possession of an hallucinogenic drug (marijuana); charges of possession of marijuana without a taxation stamp and possession of drug paraphernalia dismissed; sentencing set for Nov. 19.

Cody James Larson-Yates, 7284 W. 1400 Road, Centerville; diversion agreement filed Oct. 4 on charge of domestic battery; must complete anger evaluation at own expense within 30 days and follow all recommendations and pay $561.90 in fees; diversion lasts six months; if successfully completed, charge will be dismissed.

Matthew Charles Mickey, 313 N. Madison St., Hillsboro; second amended complaint filed Oct. 9, charged with criminal deprivation of property, misdemeanor theft, and criminal damage to property. First amended complaint filed Oct. 9, charged with assault of a law enforcement officer and disorderly conduct.

Shelby C. Percell, 17 Random Road, Marion; first amended complaint filed Oct. 9, charged with disorderly conduct.

Walt A. Sanders; 1011 Park St., Salina; pleaded not guilty Sept. 17 to criminal threat; status hearing set for Oct. 15.

Douglas D. Tomlinson, 16512 W. 123rd St., Olathe; pleaded not guilty Oct. 1 to criminal trespass; status hearing set for Nov. 5.

Last modified Oct. 17, 2012