Liking hoops

In my rather narrow world of sporting events, I got to watch the Shockers and the Jayhawks topple their opponents within a few days of one another and I think that is how the college basketball season ought to go every week. I don’t watch zombies, detectives, or talk shows, but I do enjoy basketball.

I have several favorite teams for a variety of reasons. I watch them as often as possible — as often as my cable television selection allows — and while you might not care, I think my six regular readers do. College hoops make winter bearable and I bet those six readers are just as thrilled as I when it is game time.

My favorite college basketball statistic is when Kansas teams are in the top whatever. I don’t care what category or what team is on the list. I cheer for them all. I even sympathize when the guy who proofs this column bleeds purple — which happens now and then, right?

I used to enjoy high school basketball just as much as the college games. Grandpa John Mellott and I usually sat together and loudly explained the finer points of the game to the referees. We sat together because no one else would sit with us. However, I figure we probably made a difference by helping the refs achieve a better understanding of their job requirements. I think I heard that fans are no longer encouraged to share their opinions at high school sporting events. That is probably a good rule, but I think Grandpa Mellott and I could still hold our own in a college cheering section.

I am pleased to have gotten to share my personal sporting preferences and history with you. I originally wrote a column about a fairly important upcoming event. However, as soon as I finished it I found out that by the time you get your paper, it will be too late for you to participate. How is that for having my finger on the community pulse?