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Wind farm envy

Wind farms have been developed throughout the state. But where is Marion County’s?

We have about as much wind in parts of the county as anybody else in the state.

There were studies conducted a number of years ago and, if my memory serves me correct, there was at least one area in the county that qualified (regarding wind speed, anyway) for wind turbines.

Last year alone, there were three farms erected in Kansas — two in Lincoln/Ellsworth counties and one in Cloud County.

Thus far in 2009, nearly 200 megawatts of power will be produced from two farms in Barber and Wichita counties.

At one time there were millions of dollars of incentives, ripe for the picking, to those companies who produced alternative energy.

Some naysayers may think it’s too distracting from the natural beauty of the landscape. Others think there is nothing to be gained.

Here are some perks to consider. Yes, the landowners where these modern marvels are located will benefit. And guess what they probably will do with this money. That’s right, they’ll come to town, and spend it — pay bills, buy a new truck, who knows.

Chances are the big companies will not pump any of the juice into the local electric provider’s power grid, but if a local entity develops the project, maybe they will.

We have often wondered why a municipality hasn’t taken the lead on this and developed a program to do just that — a little food for thought.

— susan berg

Last modified July 22, 2009